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seunghwan manager’s brilliant dvd picks for heechul when he was hospitalised.
vid (c) /// translated from (c)

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kimheenim: i was sitting in front of the computer and trying to write the ‘THIS IS LOVE’ Rap.. I was worrying about how to start writing it using the title of our songs in it and then like a mother, ryeowook called, “heechul hyung come eat~” “EUREKA!!”. Ryeowook (and i) started 2 rap writing game. The first time, the rap was written in a sad/depressing style/feel and the company was like “heechul ahh… This is an upbeat song..;;”and i had to re-do it. #thisislove #시진은인터넷에희철려욱쳐서퍼옴 (#this picture included ryeowook so i took it from the internet/site) #다음은환절기의비하인드스토리 (#next is the change of season’s behind story) (c)

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Synchronization problems 

Synchronization problems 

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@siwon407: already september. so fast. have a good month everyone.

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cr: ELF依_传说中的YY

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