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It’s tricky, when you’re doing a Cap movie or a Thor movie and you question “Well why don’t you just call the Hulk?”

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8. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles, Supernatural)

You would think after nine seasons of killing supernatural creatures and saving humanity that the elder of the demon-hunting Winchester brothers would be all dark and brooding. But despite a history of constant mayhem and epic suffering — including dying more than once — Dean has never lost his charm or his courage. “Dean’s just cool,” says executive producer Jeremy Carver. “There’s a hero and an everyman perfectly intertwined in this one fantastic [character].” x

Considering the iconic nature of rest of the lineup, our man did well^.^

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How Peaches are Sold in China [full story at rocketnews]

I have a great need for Peach Panties!!!!!

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20 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

Day 19 ▶ What movie would you recommend to someone who has never seen a Studio Ghibli film?: Spirited Away

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chilean beach pavilion house/WMR arquitectos
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chilean beach pavilion house/WMR arquitectos

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140729 L Studio Official Update with Heechul & Puff

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